terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2012

Que sabonetes encontra na Mercearia? Os Abegoa!

We are a small family business from Abegoa, a place in the hillside of
Marvão, in Alentejo, the major olive growing area in Portugal.
We create the finest grade organic soap bars from local virgin
olive oil.
Having no other additives, Abegoa soap has an unique creamy small lather that
is extremely moisturizing and superb for the skin.
It can be used for total body care but is particularly recommended for the
sensitive face skin and for shampooing the hair as a solid shampoo bar.
"...my skin felt such a difference i never bought a
synthetic soap or shampoo again."
Olive oil is known as the best (yet more expensive) oil for your organism and
skin. Using a "cold making process", our soap retains all its natural gliceryn
and delicate properties of the olive oil. Users frequently find no need for
further hydratant moistures, feeling their skin extraordinarily balanced.
Our soap is handmade in small batches exclusively from certified organic
olive oil and essential oils.
Abegoa Soap is 100% pure virgin organic olive oil (with a drop of
organic essential oil for scent). In other words, it is saponified
olive oil. Its specialness lies in the process and in the particular olive oil

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  1. Não tarda nada a sua Mercearia chega além fronteiras.

    Parabéns à família que os faz e a si por os vender e lhes dar o devido destaque.

    Um beijinho